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Movie Madness

There’s a nice stretch of Belmont in the 40’s with almost everything a walkable neighborhood could need: 24 hour pharmacy (that is about to get a drive through pharmacy window for those of us with a sick child we don’t want to leave at home and don’t want to have to walk in the store with), Movie Madness, the video rental store with the widest selection on the West coast, some fun food carts, coffee shops and restaurants and, new kid on the block . . . Belmont Eco Laundry.
We can get all geeky in a minute about energy efficient washers and driers that spin your clothes in ways that are better for the environment but the real theme of this post is clever ways to survive and thrive with a houseful of kids (or even just one sweet little kid who has turned your world upside down and sideways with their clever antics and wacky sleep schedule).
Just in case you are thinking that laundromats are for people who don’t have a washer and drier, Connie, owner of this clean, well run community hub, knows the real stories behind why people use a laundromat instead of a home machine.
Sometimes, you don’t want to stay home doing all those loads of laundry (especially in the nicest weeks of the summer – the few of those we actually have).  That’s when the idea that you can grab a bunch of machines at Eco Laundry and just get it all done at once starts to have some real appeal.
As much as Connie loves chatting with her customers, she understands that you don’t want to stand around waiting for your laundry to finish (unless you have kids that stay really amused watching laundry spin) so her machines will text you when they are done – a nice feature if you want to pop the laundry in and walk a few blocks up to the fun play structures at Glencoe Elementary (open to all all day long now that school is out).
She also has a regular set of customers who came in when their own washer and dryer broke and then they decided not to replace them when they saw how much less their gas, water and electric bills were without them.
So, any way you want to slice it, do the math for your family, decide how much free time you want to have, how much you want to support energy efficient and water efficient laundry and what it’s worth to you in dollars and cents on your own utility bills.
I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I spun my clothes through a laundromat and it’s nice to have someone there the first time explaining all the bells and whistles of the machines.  Connie is often at her store sweeping up and saying hi.  This week, she’s planning on being there to meet and greet any Swap Shop families that want a quick equipment orientation Mon – Thurs 11:30-3:30.
If you have the kind of small business that produces a fair amount of laundry (lots of towels from a massage practice for instance), you may also want to come by to say hi and ask Connie about her budding sub business doing wash and fold services for some of her business customers.  She is just getting started setting up her policies and costs so if you know what you are wiling to pay to have your laundry done for you on a regular basis, let Connie know and she’ll put your needs and goals in the mix.   Who knows, maybe we can encourage her into start a wash and fold service for families too?  Would certainly make a great baby shower gift!
Our needs and goals are pretty simple when it comes to movie rentals so I don’t think I need to give anyone clever reasons to want to rent a movie, just a shout out to make sure we all know what an amazingly broad collection of movies sit waiting for all of us at Movie Madness in the 4300 block of Belmont.
There is something for everybody in the aisle after aisle of kid flicks, chick flicks, foriegn films and obscure documentaries.  Whether you are practically house bound these days in the evenings (good weather or no) with a little one with an insanely early bedtime or keep finding yourself with a houseful of kids old enough to want to stay up all night if you would just let them, I suggest renting movies for yourself (oh, and the kids too if you are feeling generous).
Parenting is hard work and, after all that laundry, it’s time to get off our feet and laugh a little.
There are lots of options for getting off our feet and letting some great local businesses, who are also our Roost sponsors, do their best work for us.  All our sponsor business are listed along the side of our web site:
You can find great laundry facilities at:
4725 Belmont Street
goldensource©msn•com  (goldensource©msn•com)  
Daily hours 8am to 10pm (last wash starts at 9pm)
And practically every video ever made at:

4320 S.E. Belmont

503 234 4363

Regular Hours:

Sun – Thurs      11am – 11pm

Fri – Sat              11am – Midnight

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