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Know Your Neighbor – Old and New “Shwopping” Options in SE Portland


We have swap shop member Stephanie Morch to thank for half of this Roost sponsor post and persistence to thank for the other.

It does take a lot of persistence to run a community co-op or a great resale shop and especially to bring a whole new shopping concept into being.

When I sent out our first Know Your Neighbor Post about Piccolina, which bills themselves as upscale resale kid’s and maternity on Clinton and in Woodstock, I set off an email debate about whether or not every possible spare item from every swap shop member should go into our own ongoing swap and big annual swap events or if there was enough room for resale and swapping too.

Here we are, over a year after that original post and, not only do I think there is room, I think the more room we make in our lives for all kinds of “shwopping”, the better off we will all be.

I couldn’t have been more tickled to get Stephanie’s tip to go check out what Marci Pelletier is doing in the ever growing Woodstock shopping area (Just down the street from Piccolinas.)  I hope she ends up starting a nationwide trend and I’ll be delighted to find out how many of us take her up on her innovative, and ,to all of us swap shop families, very familiar offer . . . she has opened up a women’s clothing boutique called SHWOP downstairs from Laughing Planet at 41st and Woodstock that doesn’t operate on price tags but on swap shopping memberships or swap drop in fees.

It may take a minute for the beauty of this type of arrangement to sink in but, if you are willing, you can sign up to help fund a shop where you may never pay for another thing.  Your $25 a month membership grants you, just like at our swap shop, unlimited visits and unlimited swapping of dresses, shoes, pants, tops and accessories.

There are some high end items called boost items that cost extra (like the black Italian slip on mini-heel shoes that retailed for $300).   Other than occasional items like that, you can become a member and trade as much as you like or purchase three regular items at a time for $15.  Once a member, for another $7 a month Marci will act as your personal shopper and call you when items you are looking for come in.

She grants shopping vouchers to women at domestic violence shelters each time someone makes donations without taking clothing in trade and generally is having a blast getting to know her customers from all walks of life.  She’s really enjoying helping  women spend hour after hour shopping in a sustainable, supportive fashion.

She has a credit system set up for members who bring in members, so if you want to pass this email on to friends and sign up together, all the better.

We are also all better off knowing that the two Piccolina shops we already network with are open 7 days a week for the things we can’t find in our own size or the equipment that hasn’t come in recently in our sweet but always a bit hap hazard swap clothing room.

Co-owners Sarah (who you can find at the Clinton store) and Bill (at the Woodstock store) buy bathing suits and water shoes all year long and then put them out in big baskets when the first heat wave hits.

She’s getting a lot of families bringing in the summer clothing that they thought was still going to fit this year and trading it for the sizes they need.

There is a darling collection of rocking horses right now at Woodstock and the exact same super cool train table we have at our swap shop with the roll out drawers just marked down to $50.  She has way more room than we do to display strollers and larger items at great prices.

Whether you swap and trade at the swap shop first and then head over to Piccolina’s and Shwop second for what you couldn’t find at the co-op or . . . . swap and trade with Sarah and Bill and Marci and then come over the the swap shop with the things you still have left, you are, either way around, helping to fund and support a thriving interconnected community of sharing and caring.

Between this first week of real summer sunshine and that day when the first back to school bell rings in September – a whole lot of bathing suits and water shoes and shorts and t-shirts and then back packs and school clothes and jackets are going to be finding their way family to family and home to home.

And if you’re looking for a way to purge all at once without having to shelve and hang things up in our co-op or make the trek store to store to offer up your things, the simplest thing to do is mark your calendar for our 7th annual Back-to-School Clothing Exchange on Monday, August 27th noon to 7.

Drop your things off the Sunday night before or earlier in the morning of the exchange and our volunteers will sort them for you.  Volunteer and you can have first pick of all the great things that come in for the exchange.

Which brings me right back to the beginning of this post.  There really is something for everyone in this network of “shwopping” opportunities: easy places to bring your things and great rewards for everyone who is willing to take the time to keep a look out for great family finds.

So, pack up the kids, grab a friend and a bag of clothes and toys and head in which ever direction suits your sensibilities most .  We’ll all meet up in the end to say, “Hey, where’d you get that?  That was our family’s favorite when we had it.”

My favorite thing to do is keep us all well connected to our neighborhood resources.

If you’d like to call or read the web sites before you “shwop”:

Marci Pelletier


6000 SE 41st Avenue


marci©shwoppdx•com  (marci©shwoppdx•com)  

12:00 to 7:00 Tuesday – Friday
10:00 to 6:00 Saturday
12:00 to 4:00 Sunday

With Sarah at:
2700 SE 26th Ave (store faces Clinton)
Mon thru Sat:
10am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm

With Bill at:

4416 SE Woodstock Blvd
Tues thru Sat:
10am to 5pm 
Sunday: 10am to 3pm




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