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Know Your Neighbor – Budgeting for better health care

Each time I post about our Roost sponsor, Elemental Medicine, Dr. Carrie Ebling and Courtney Giordano’s combined chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapies practice on Belmont, I get an email a few weeks or a month or so later either asking for the post again or in thanks for the connection.

Along with the usual reasons to go see a chiropractor or acupuncturist,  Dr. Carrie specializes in adjustments that benefit women post child birth and Courtney does a really great job with acupuncture assisted pain management and blending nutritional guidance with acupuncture in ways the help ease anxiety and depression.

I learned early on in my busy mama, community builder, want-to-enjoy-the-world-every-day way that I could face health care from one of two places  . . . go, go, go until some part of me just won’t go any more . . . or . . . create some well needed space for regular, steady healthcare that keeps me well out of crisis mode.

To be completely honest, the typical path for me (and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this) is some crisis large or small creating a willingness to break out of old patterns, a first appointment in some sort of pain and then the realization that some steady care is what is going to keep me going along much better.

I’ve posted several times now about PPC, a patient/physician co-operative that takes up that middle ground between the full coverage insurance that not all of us have access to and only having trips to urgent care and the ER.

Dr Ebling has a great middle ground for her patients too.  She offers one year memberships for 30 minute regular monthly chiropractic visits starting at $48 per month after a first time $58 visit and also a combined extended chiropractic and massage membership (you pick which one you need most each month) for $58 a month after a first time $68 visit.  This covers 45 minute chiropractic or one hour massage. 

I can think of a whole number of good reasons to provide steady funding to a great local practitioner and steady care for me and the ones I love.

Which brings us to couples acupuncture and even acupuncture with friends. . . Courtney does one hour group visits for $25 per person.  You can come into an existing group time or bring your own group of two or more.   That’s an hour of time focused on you and a loved one or friends reclining in her special chairs.

We all have special needs and Carrie and Courtney do a great job of really listening and providing care you can budget around for better, steady healthcare. 

Chiropractor, Dr. Carrie Ebling, and acupuncturist, Courtney Giordano, can be reached at:

2915 SE Belmont Street
(across the street from the Bare Bones Cafe) 

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