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Know Your Neighbor – Bryan Brumley, EdwardJones

I dined with Bryan Brumley at the Belmont Business Association annual dinner a few months ago.  He was there to network and that suited me just fine because I was there to network too.
All these years that I’ve been writing our local business resource emails, I’ve had a little hot list in my head of the resources I know I really want to have and figure a fair number of other people do too.
Bryan’s helping me check one of my top two searches off the list . . . so that means he’s either an investment adviser or an arborist.
If you know a great tree guy (or gal) that I can sing the praises of, I’m still in the market for someone to explain our foliage to us.
If you are like me and have a little tickle in your head that you should probably do a bit more to manage the money (or lack there of) that your very mature, adult-like self is supposed to be well on top of, people like Bryan and places like his Edward Jones office at the crest of the hill on Burnside and 55th are pretty great sanctuaries of learning and reassurance that it isn’t too late and there are still good things that can be done.
Bryan and I would be breaking all the rules governing financial advising if he or I fill these emails with investment tips on the latest hot stocks so I am pretty delighted that the crew at Edward Jones has cleverly written out a pretty good ode to Earth Day that I am now sending along with a few edits to fit our inner SE sensibilities and plenty of well wishes for your financial future.
If you’d like more than well wishes, a few hours of your time and a few hours of Bryan’s with a few bits of your financial data could be the start of a very nice relationship.  His contact info is at the end of this Edward Jones post.  And, if the money flows your way, please feel very free to invest in community!  Plenty of great local businesses to support listed on our web site: and plenty of great ways to support the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op

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