Sunnyside Swap Shop closed on August 31, 2013.

We have re-opened as Southside Swap & Play in the Woodstock neighborhood and are accepting new member families! Please visit our new website for information about membership!

Job Posting: Director, Sunnyside Family Swap Shop and Play Space

Job Description: Sunnyside Family Swap Shop and Play Space Director

Our current Sunnyside Swap Shop facilitator/coordinator is “retiring” at the end of June after 6 years of stewarding the Sunnyside Swap Shop and we are in the process of bringing on the next director to be in place by the beginning of July.

The Sunnyside Family Swap Shop and Play Space director will be a contracted part-time position stewarding the community of families that belong to our cooperative indoor and outdoor play space.

Interested parties should contact Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op advisory board member Kyrie Kellett at:  kyrie•kellett©gmail•com.   Apply by March 18th


Responsibilities of the director include the following:


  • Be a reliable, participatory presence in the building
    • Hold weekly office hours – minimum of 2 hours per week or more at director’s discretion.
    • Attend monthly building user’s meeting now on the third Thursday of each month 11-noon and interact with church staff and custodians as needed for good space management.
    • Be present at various times of the day and week to stay familiar with the meet ups and busy/quiet times in the space and to notice any issues with cleanliness and tidiness of the co-op spaces and areas.
    • Ability to provide or delegate emergency day of response to issues needing quick attention.


  • Maintain spaces
    • Maintain and improve play and swap areas, maintain and add to play equipment, furniture and storage units, keep up quality of swap variety and display and practices.
    • Maintaining good communication between leaders and teams for ongoing and special projects.
    • Seasonal events and projects such as spring planting in the back yard or a holiday event.


  • Oversee marketing
    • Develop posters and brochures
    • Oversee a web site and social media presence
    • Run Saturday open houses in fall, winter, spring quarters
    • Set up speaking engagements at other parent groups
    • Manage free play pass days
    • Hand out brochures at parks, coffee shops, libraries and grocery stores


  • Correspond with stakeholders
    • Assure that emails sent to sunnysideswapshop©gmail•com  (sunnysideswapshop©gmail•com)   are answered in a timely manner.
    • Write or delegate the writing of a weekly member email in a consistent format to be used by members to know what is happening in the co-op.
    • Oversee signage in the space.


  • Manage finances and database
    • Work with an accountant and a bookkeeper to oversee the finances of the co-op making sure that bank deposits are made, autopay forms are entered, changes and cancelations are processed, fees due reminders go out to members, bookkeeping gets done, and quarterly accounting reports are made and presented.
    • Oversee the member data base so there is an accurate record of which members are active or inactive, have member fees paid up or past due and an accurate record of what their member co-op job currently is.
    • File taxes and maintain required interactions with any government agencies.
    • Coordinate fundraising efforts and donation solicitations.
    • Write grants and/or overseeing others to write grants.


  • Work closely with Swap Shop and Windward boards
    • Coordinate and attend at least quarterly swap shop advisory board meetings.  These are informal, non-binding meetings to review progress and future plan for the betterment of the co-op and its community partners.
    • Communicate by phone, email and meetings as needed with representatives of Windward Education and Research Center, our sponsoring non-profit who holds the ownership and employment contract status of the directorship.
    • Seek Windward permission for any changes in bank accounts or loan payback arrangements and for permission for any new loans into the co-op.



  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong community building skills
  • Resourcefulness and creativity
  • Ability to quickly establish a positive rapport with individuals and families with diverse philosophies and personalities
  • Experience motivating and coordinating volunteers and/or community members
  • Commitment to the environmental and community-oriented mission of the organization
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office including Excel
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds
  • Must pass a criminal and abuse background check


Position benefits:

  • Complimentary family membership and the ability to provide complimentary memberships to other families
  • Office space
  • Swap and trade of books, clothing, toys and services
  • Use of a lap top and cell phone


$500 per month with opportunity to expand earnings


Apply by:             March 18, 2013 with cover letter and resume to Kyrie Kellett    kyrie•kellett©gmail•com  

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