Sunnyside Swap Shop closed on August 31, 2013.

We have re-opened as Southside Swap & Play in the Woodstock neighborhood and are accepting new member families! Please visit our new website for information about membership!

Fall Back-to-School Exchange

What: Every fall for over ten years running the families of the Sunnyside neighborhood and Sunnyside Environmental School have been coming together for a Back-to-School Exchange to help lighten our footprint on the planet and lighten the load on our pocketbooks as we all get ready for the new school year.

For the 2016/17 school year, the event will be in the dining hall of the Sunnyside Community House at the corner of 35th and Yamhill across from Sunnyside Park.

When: Saturday, August 2oth noon – 6pm.  Early drop of of swap donations: 6-9pm the evening before the event and  8am-noon day of the event for a free entry ticket.

Cost: $2 entry fee per family if you have not done early drop off and picked up an entry ticket

Where: Dining hall of the Sunnyside Community House at the corner of 35th and Yamhill across from Sunnyside Park.

Who: Neighbors and friends shopping for new-to-you back to school clothes, jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes, bikes, sports gear and supplies from the donations that everyone brings in to share.  Anyone and everyone is invited to participate by bringing in and shopping for new-to-you items for the fall.

Volunteers: Youth and adult volunteers make a big difference at this event.  We can always find things for you to do if you show up the day of the swap and want to help out.  It is really great to know who is coming when.  Use this Sign Up Genius link to add yourself to our core of volunteers.

Back To School pic 9
The Back-to-School Exchange makes the first day of school into a giant parade of recycled clothing and equipment as lots of students show off their latest find and find their last year’s things living a new life with another student.

Here are great ways for delivering items to the exchange:

1) Drop off  items 6-9pm the night before or 8-noon the day of to receive ticket to get into the noon – 6pm event for free.

2) Come in early to help sort and display items for a great first peek at what’s for swap.  Note: if we have enough volunteers, we will form an early entry line for families who come 11 am 0r later.

3) Just come on in noon-6 for the exchange with your swap items in hand and donate $2 per family for admission to help cover the cost of the event.

Tips for making the best of the exchange:

1) Swap before shopping.  We’ve left enough time before the start of school that you can swap with us before needing to shop for new items.  We can’t promise the jacket or tennis shoes in your child’s size that you need will arrive but if they do, you can check that off your shopping list!

2) Not sure if you want to drop off everything you have to share before you find out what items are there for you?  It’s perfectly OK to shop before you swap selecting what you want for swap before adding what you want to give in return.

3) Join in as an event volunteer.  Some of the best finds come from sorting through and sorting out the racks and tables for everyone’s benefit.  Help us all shop well and you never know what you might find.

Items we love to see:

Clothes (infant to adult sizes) in good condition (no rips or tears)

Shoes and accessories

Art and school supplies (paper, crayons, pencils, scissors, clip boards, glue, paint, etc)

Backpacks, lunch boxes and book bags

Bikes, scooters and bike safety gear

Sports gear (specialty shoes, sports equipment, jerseys)

Toys (to help entertain the young shoppers)

Items we don’t take at this exchange:

Large furniture, misc household goods, toxic chemicals


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