Sunnyside Swap Shop closed on August 31, 2013.

We have re-opened as Southside Swap & Play in the Woodstock neighborhood and are accepting new member families! Please visit our new website for information about membership!

Relocating to Woodstock Neighborhood

Karen and I have spent a lot of time over the last week taking a deep look into the swap shop’s finances, current membership numbers, and relocation options. We want to extend a huge thank you to current members –both new and old – who are actively supporting the co-op. You are making such a […]

Know Your Neighbor – Bryan Brumley, EdwardJones

I dined with Bryan Brumley at the Belmont Business Association annual dinner a few months ago. He was there to network and that suited me just fine because I was there to network too. All these years that I’ve been writing our local business resource emails, I’ve had a little hot list in my head […]

News on The Roost past 2013/14:

May 10, 2013

Dear Roost Parents and Families,

Regretfully, I am writing to share some difficult news with you. As you may know, Camp Fire has been collaborating with Karen Hery and the Sunnyside Swap Shop to deliver The Roost program for middle school youth for about 5 years now. We have been […]

Know Your Neighbor – the Real Estate Web

Neighborhood Works

Each quarter, I get to dive into all things real estate in the Sunnyside neighborhood to send this email out for all of us to check out what’s going on in home sales, rentals, renovations and repairs.

It will come as no new news to anyone who has been attempting to move into this or […]

Swap missionary

I’m a big Swap missionary. I tell people about it all the time, and find myself breathlessly saying, “I have no idea what families do with toddlers if they don’t have the Swap Shop.”

Tiffany Lee Brown – member since 2011, mom of Gusty, now 2 1/2

Autumnfest this Saturday




TIPS FOR MAKING THE MOST OF THE AUTUMNFEST: Bring your checkbook: Every year I forget to remind people that the church is not set up to take credit cards. Cash or check works great for […]

Know Your Neighbor – Old and New “Shwopping” Options in SE Portland


We have swap shop member Stephanie Morch to thank for half of this Roost sponsor post and persistence to thank […]