Sunnyside Swap Shop closed on August 31, 2013.

We have re-opened as Southside Swap & Play in the Woodstock neighborhood and are accepting new member families! Please visit our new website for information about membership!

Autumnfest this Saturday







Bring your checkbook:  Every year I forget to remind people that the church is not set up to take credit cards.  Cash or check works great for your admission donation and, even if you don’ t think you’ll be bidding on auction items, having your check book with you helps us not have to track each other down later if something really sweet catches your eye.
Cost: $30 per family or $12 per adult and $5 per child, which ever arrangement works best for your family.
Arrival: The event check in table is right in the front lobby where our sign in clip board is.  Come in any time between 5 and 6 to be able to catch dinner starting at 6. If you don’t want to miss one minute of the Alphabeticians on the dining hall stage, come a little before 5 to get checked in before you head downstairs for the show.
ALPHABETICIANS AND MORE: 5-5:30pm  The Alphabeticians are two guys who remind me very much of They Might Be Giants doing a kids album.  Part of their duo, Mister Hoo, plays weekdays at local coffee shops pretty regularly and they are super great with kids.  While you are catching their tunes you can also get little faces painted by an eager (and quite talented) crew of youth ($5 donation per person), do a craft with the staff from Vibe, Portland’s creative outlet art studio in TaborSpace, play in our special, just-for-the-night downstairs play area and pat the Windward bunnies (who, amazingly, will curl up happily in their Windward stewards’ laps while we all get a pet.)
SAFFIRE BOUCHELION ON DRUMS: As a hopping, vibrant, festive party goes on from 5-6 in the dinning hall, the labyrinth room holds half of our auction items and a whole different soothing experience.  If your little one or you or both of you do better in quieter environments, Saffire will be sharing the beauty of the hang drum under soft lighting as a retreat from the downstairs hubbub also from 5-6.
DINNER MENU: Pat Schwiebert has cooked for 30 years for the ongoing homeless and near homeless fellowship and meal program in the church building.  She is gifting us with her homemade pasta sauce and a great meal (both vegetarian and meat sauce), rice noodles available for a gluten free meal and plain noodles available for little, simple eaters with salad, garlic bread and dessert.  Food is served family style (bowls brought to tables that seat 8-10 for you and everyone you sit with to share).  This is a great time to get to know someone else’s family better.  You never know who you might sit next to, including church member Jim Barlow, descendant of the man who forged the famous Barlow Trail.  Plenty of high chairs and booster chairs for little ones.
EVENING ENTERTAINMENT:  The downstairs auction items will close out at the end of dinner then Larry Wilder and Shine Chorus take the main sanctuary stage  (around 7pm).  I got to hear the Shine Chorus rehearsal on Sunday and the two chorus’s (8-12 year olds and 12 and up) are really spectacular under co-op member Lauren Fitzgerald’s direction.  Parents of the Shine Chorus performers will have reserved seats.  The front row and side seating area will be set aside for us (so little ones have a good view and a quick way to exit when they’ve had enough.)
AUCTION ITEMS: Whether you are a big fan of auctions or a first time bidder, we’ve collected a selection of toys, treats, services and art for a variety of budgets, interests and desires.  Not all items are listed here.  I am listing most of the larger or more unique items we are auctioning off so you know what to look for when you arrive and so that you can send in an email bid if you can’t attend but would be interested in an item.
For an email bid: no later than noon on Saturday, please.  If you are the winning bidder . . . I will contact you on Monday and we can make payment and pick up arrangements during the week.  Fine to give me a low and high bid (your starting bid and the amount you don’t want to go higher than).
Thank you to everyone who has donated and to everyone coming (or email bidding) for your generosity.  The funds raised during this event make a big difference in maintaining and repairing the grand old building we all share.  The new carpets, refurbished stairwells and a lot of re-roofing has been made possible with these funds.
Items for bid:
For your health:
Waived joining fee and three month membership at The Green Micro Gym – $190 value
Birthday Party Packages:
Roost Birthday Party:

It rains in Portland – a lot.  A dry indoor place where the party guests aren’t running all through your house with a kitchen for serving food and all the toys of the swap shop available for you to add into the mix.

3 hour Rental of The Roost is available most Saturdays.

Starting bid: $25

Gym Birthday Party for a Saturday afternoon using the gym party room and gym equipment.

This party package gives you 2 hours in the gym on a Saturday afternoon (with a 1/2 hour for set up and clean up), all the gym equipment and the party room off the gym for present opening and as a place to serve your food and cake.

Gym is available most Saturday afternoons if not already scheduled for another party.

Starting bid: $25

Windward bunnies and chicks at your own home for a special birthday visit in the spring, summer or early fall.

What could be better than watching your child’s face light up with a small animal in their hands?   The Windward staff, once you give them your child’s birthday, will make sure they have a great set of just- the-right-size chicks and bunnies (and if you are lucky, even some ducklings).  They will come to your house or our back yard play area and help all your party guests get to know the animals and learn how to hold and pet and feed them.

Swap Shop member Deborah Wise won this item one year and said it was her favorite birthday party.  Your child and all their friends handling the animals helps them to be trusting around humans as they grow and easier for the Windward staff to care for so you are doing double duty with your party plans (or is that triple duty counting the community donation).

Starting bid: $50

Gift Baskets:
Bounty of Windward Basket (hand made, home grown and sustainably harvested goodies from the state of Washington).
Herb Shoppe Basket (naturopathic items for you and your child)
Special Items:
Tickets for two to Do Jump’s Holiday Show
One week at next summer’s  Camp Fire’s Camp Namanu in the City 
8 week VIBE fall art class for 3-12 year olds
$35 Noun gift certificate
$25 Shwop gift certificate
Red fire engine pedal car
Sweet Treats:
The Baker and The Book Confections Baskets from co-op member Danielle Cogan:


1: Gluten Free Sampler: brownies, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
2. Brownie and Cookie Sampler: brown butter blondies, Mexican chocolate brownies, salted chocolate cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and gingersnaps.


I’m hoping she is bringing samples to the bidding table.  If you can get your hands on a double salted chocolate cookie, your taste buds will never be the same.
Decorative Objects:
A list too long to mention of plants, art, Halloween, Christmas and Easter items fun to put up around your house.  Why buy new when you can repurpose what we already have and help community in the process?
May you make a new friend, share a great meal and enjoy great music while you help grease the wheels of community.



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